Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Maurice's second day in Perth

Jim and I went off for our swim first thing this morning.  We left Maurice sleeping peacefully, as he had had a very long day out and about yesterday, after his long flight.  Our swimming is going well - I'm starting to feel a bit fitter, and more able to swim longer distances with less rest.  This time I did 900m in 25 minutes, whereas before it was taking 30-35 minutes.  The 50m pool is lovely - I could get used to this.  Unfortunately we don't have many 50m pools back in the UK.

On our return to the flat, Maurice and Jim went off to do the domestic shopping.  Maurice has been inspecting grocery prices and agrees with me that most of them seem expensive to us.  We discussed whether higher food prices here led to fewer people being obese than in the UK.  We both think obesity is more apparent in the UK, where food prices are lower, and the population seems to consume more processed rubbish.  However, the Perth area has high rates of pay, because mining is fuelling the economy, so food prices may be proportionate in comparison to the UK.  Maurice particularly noted that more fresh veg is sold here, and most of it is not sold in prepacked plastic containers, as we do in the UK.  Perhaps the Aussies just eat a better diet.  Maybe the UK could learn something here! 

I spent the morning working on my Drawing homework.  I've struggled with this, trying to work out how to use the techniques used in class.  I read my notes from the first class and decided to go with my feeling that I want to work with banksia leaves, and work up a scatter pattern, as preparation for a series of textile designs.  I worked freely in charcoal, and was quite content with the texture, irregularity and flow of the design.  The spacing was not quite right, but quite acceptable for a try-out.   Now I only need to do one more A1 drawing prior to class, and I'm happy that I'm on track. 

Maurice and I took the bus to Curtin University and had a walk around the campus.  Maurice said touring the textile workshop made my blog make more sense, once he had actually seen how the repeat printer works, and the space and layout of the workshop.  We walked the full length of the campus and then had a look around the library. 
Speakers Corner - where international students practice their language skills

Maurice sitting where people wanting conversations in Arabic  or Bengali position themselves
Maurice at Curtin, in his shorts on 11 January. 
How many other English people are wearing shorts today?!

We then took the 30 bus from Curtin, and rang Jim so he could jump on the same bus as it went through Salter Point, on its way to Perth.  Maurice took us out for a celebratory meal to the Brass Monkey, where they served meals that included kangeroo.  Kangeroo is a lean meat with a low fat content, which Maurice tried.  Jim and I conservatively stuck with steak, which was wonderful.  It was a treat to be taken out to dinner, and not to need to cook.

I think both Maurice and I enjoy different aspects of holiday catering.  I enjoy having friends to eat with us, as I pick different food, where it is worth buying it for two.  For example, when Maurice is here, I choose smoked mackerel for salad, as both Maurice and I enjoy it, whereas it is not worth buying it when Jim and I are together, as he does not eat it. (Jim had yesterday's left-over ham with his salad).  Maurice lives by himself, and when away, enjoys not having to do everything himself.  So when I made sandwiches for lunch, he luxuriated in the simple pleasure of someone else choosing what we were going to eat, and preparing it.

We took the 30 bus back to Salter Point and fell into bed at 9pm, as the boys were to be up at 5am to go to running club.

Simple pleasures.  A good life.

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