Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year's Eve reflections

There is a reason why the photos are intermittent on this blog.  Sometimes I can upload them in a few minutes.  Other times it takes forever.  Last night it took me 30 minutes to upload 2 pictures of Jim - the rotating spots went on interminably before the computer showed the image ready to apply to the blog.  Yet tonight, I managed the first half dozen in about 15 minutes.  Yippee, I thought.  Then the system seemed to encounter corporate indigestion, and took another half hour for the next 6 photos. 

I have been considering how my sketchbook informs my print process.  It is much easier, time effective and cheaper to work up variations on a design on paper, rather than creating print screens to work on fabric.  But it does need motivation and commitment to work up a sketchbook.  It has taken me a week or 10 days to really get this sketchbook off the ground, and I've had all the time and materials available.  It is as if I need the time for reflection, and more importantly, no pressure from other activities, before I get into the art zone.  I am quite pleased with the way this sketchbook is developing, even if it is only A5 and feeling a little restricted sizewise.  But I think it is important to try out different sizes and shapes and I will keep going with this one, probably until it is full.  I am very impressed with the quality of the paper - it's good robust stuff and takes water well, without cockling.

Inkwashed pages ready for the next stage.

Washed pages now have imagery added

Although I love colour, I think the black and white photocopy enhances more than the colour copy.

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