Saturday, 2 June 2012

A meal out with my landlords

Last night Tangea and Richard took me out for a curry.  This was to celebrate my completion of  my exchange year.  Their son Mal, and his fiancee Marcie were also present.  It was a lovely meal, and they gave me some little leaving presents - 6 Australian coasters (Jim and I use these all the time at home), a koala key ring, and best of all a fridge magnet with a thermometer.  This was the best of all - because it is shaped like Australia - and the thermometer does not go below zero!!  Of course out here, why would it?  They never get a frost!  Unlike the UK where last year we reached -17!  This thermometer goes between 0-50 degrees.  In the UK we rarely get over 36 degrees and this is deemed exceptional.  So this epitomises my experience in Aus!  I found the hot weather such a struggle, being fair skinned, blue eyed and red haired. What a brilliant and appropriate gift!  Definitely a gift to be kept indoors on the fridge door.

Thank you Tangea, Richard, Mal and Marcie.

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