Friday, 1 June 2012

A meal out with the students

Lauren organised a meal out to mark the end of semester and my return to the UK.  It was a lovely evening, if more eventful at the beginning than anticipated. 

Cassie picked me up in her car, and we set off to Fremantle, to meet the rest of the group.  We clipped a kerb as we approached Manning Road.  We turned on to the main road, and instantly Cassie said the car was handling differently and pulled over into a side street.  We leapt out, and I saw immediately that the rear nearside tyre was completely flat.  It was getting dark and starting to rain.  Cass took advice from her Dad on the phone, then set about changing the tyre, the way he had taught her to when she acquired the car. (No way could I have done this, so I was very, very impressed with her calm skill level).  She knew she (and I) were not strong enough to lift the spare tyre from the boot - she is small and slight (I am not!).  So Cass rang her flatmate, who came out to assist (without batting an eyelid)!  By the time Ben arrived, Cass had got the tools from the boot, and jacked up the car!  My role was limited to holding the umbrella over her, so she did not get totally soaked.  Ben helped by jumping on the lever to release the nuts on the flat tyre.  We inspected it, and there was a minor ding on the hubcap and a slit in the tyre.  We wondered whether the tyre pressure was low (the car has recently been transported by train across Australia) and this meant when we clipped the kerb, it pinched the tyre wall. 

Cass also rang Lauren to come to pick us up.  So once Lauren arrived, we had completed changing the tyre, but decided to leave the car at the side of the road, under a street light, and go for dinner.  Then we would come back and collect the car afterwards, so as not to drive far on the spare tyre.  I was ever so impressed with Cass's skill level.  No way could I have done this.

Cassie jacking up the car

Ben - strong enough to lift the spare tyre and release wheel nuts!
So Lauren, Cassie and I were a bit late arriving at the meal.  It was lovely to see them all, and we had a delightful meal together. 

Hannah and Sam

Cassie, Karen, and me

Steph and Lauren
Ellie and Cassie
Ellie and Violet
Ellie brought her daughter Violet with her.  Violet was a delight all evening.  She was sweet natured and well behaved throughout, and once she discovered the water dispenser, played the role of the perfect hostess, bringing glasses of water to everyone who wanted it.  She also provided water for all the plants in the vicinity too!

I was thoroughly spoilt, as my dinner and drinks were paid for by the group.  It was a lovely evening.

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