Saturday, 7 May 2011

Study Abroad opportunity

Soon after I started college, I discovered that University of Hertfordshire offered student exchange opportunities.  I was astonished to discover I could study all over the world, for reduced fees (!), in a variety of subjects, for either a semester or a year.  As a part-timer, it would be in my 3rd year (out of 5).  It would mean I would have to study full time while abroad, but I could return to part-time study afterwards. 

I explored all sorts of options.  I don't speak a foreign language and I think it is really rude to go to another country and expect them to speak English, so I focussed on courses in english speaking countries.  I had already been to Sydney, Australia and wanted to return to travel more.  I was interested in textiles and print, and there are comparatively few courses that specialise in this field.  Fortunately this reduced the number of courses I had to investigate - could you imagine how many courses business students have to choose from?  So fairly quickly, I identified Curtin University, Perth which has a Textile degree with double major option in Anthropology.  I'm interested in people, social history, memory, art and culture, so this looked like the one for me. 

So, I applied to UH to be a Study Abroad student, and Herts have accepted me as a student to recommend to Curtin.  I submit my application and academic references to Curtin on Tuesday 10 May.  I hope they want me!

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