Saturday, 7 May 2011

Where is my husband?

When I first mooted the idea of a Study Abroad opportunity, my husband Jim was very supportive.  He is a lifelong athlete, always looking for an opportunity to do things that are out of the ordinary.  Jim has represented Britain at triathlon, and has crossed the USA on a pushbike. 

We were sitting in bed discussing Curtin University, when he asked me how I was planning to get there.  I said I was planning to fly!  He casually asked if I would mind if he cycled there?  To cut a long story short, we agreed he would fly to Washington, cycle west to Los Angeles, fly to Sydney and cycle to Perth.  He is keeping a journal -

Jim would time his journey to arrive in Perth about 8 weeks after I arrived.  This is in order for me to integrate with other students and settle in.  Part of the Study Abroad experience for me is to do things alone, such as finding accommodation and making new friends.  University of Herts is sending about 7 students to Perth, and although I want to be part of this group, it is very important to me to integrate with Australian students, and not be solely part of an ex-pat group.  So Jim needs to arrive later than me.  He is currently departing Washington DC.

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