Monday, 30 May 2011

Progress with Housing Office Curtin

Today is Bank Holiday Monday in the UK, but obviously not in Aus!  On Friday I sent an e-mail to the Housing Office at Curtin University, requesting assistance in finding suitable off-campus accommodation when I get there.  Today they responded, giving my an e-mail address for temporary accommodation the night I get there, and stating they can pick me up at 8am the following day to book appointments to find accommodation and ferry me around!  How that for support?!  I am really anxious not to be a naive tenant, so I need their advice so as not to be ripped off.

In the meantime today, I've been messing around with the Ayr sketchbook.  I got a bit obsessed with chimney pots when we were there, so today's art work has used the new techniques I'm learning at the V&A. 

This is brown ink, worked into using the side of a credit card and bleach.

Inks and bleach worked with twig.

Row of chimney pots, worked on pages of Ayr local newspaper, in indian ink with twig

I quite like this one.  Indian ink worked with twig

Row of chimneys in charcoal

Charcoal outlines, and fineline marker

Chimney shadows on roof on Ayr newspaper

Chimneys cut back into pastel ground.

Like I said, I was a bit obsessed with chimneys.

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  1. Why not! Chimneys are a good thing with which to be obsessed!