Saturday, 17 September 2011

An easy few days

Having managed to get myself completely wound up over homework at the beginning of the week, I lightened up a bit.  I read the essay for Visual Inquiry that I was so uninspired by, and much to my surprise, it read quite well.  This motivated me to read the instructions for the bibliography and referencing, and add the relevant information at the end.  (I find bibliographies really difficult because of the mind-numbing level of detail required). I read the instructions for the essay on the class handout - 2000 words required, and also read the Essay Assessment marking criteria - which said 12-1500 words required.  I had done 1800 words!  So I've emailed the tutor to clarify how many words required.  I hope 1800 will suffice - I've said everything I want to say, and more words would not add to the substance.

We are looking after our landlords dogs, two chihuahuas, while they are away for a day or two. The night before last, at about 9pm, the dogs started barking.  A tremendous noise.  We went up to the main house, thinking that the dogs were barking at intruders, because they did not stop.  We went in ... and found the intruder!  The dogs were standing either side of a frog!  Barking constantly.  During the day, when the doors were open, the frog must have come in from the courtyard garden.  Once the sun had set (and the doors were closed), he'd obviously decided to find his way back, and the dogs had found him.  We ushered him back to the courtyard garden, and peace reigned once more.

I've lightened up a bit about the homework.  I have done one essay, and have made progress on research for the other two, due in 3 weeks.  I have found some articles on Grayson Perry and have ordered a book recently written by Jacky Klein, which has a rave review in a library journal.  I hope this means it is a decent book.  I have discovered that libraries seem to have stopped buying books, as most of the books in both the Curtin library and Perth State library seem to be over 20 years old.  For my Private Lives Public Issues essay, I have decided on my topic and found some articles that back up what I want to say. 

Because I was feeling relaxed, I made scones and a fruit cake yesterday.  This pleased Jim no end, as he is constantly prowling around the kitchen looking for something yummy to eat.  Yet when he is out grocery shopping, he refuses to buy cakes because they are too expensive, and "I'd just eat them".  Does this mean we are parsimonious, or just behaving like students?

Today is Saturday and I have planned a trip out this afternoon.  I'm going to see the matinee performance of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams at the Perth State Theatre.  Fortunately the theatre is right beside the bus station, so it's easy to get there and back.

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