Sunday, 11 September 2011

Heaved a big sigh of relief, then realised how much more is coming up

Woke up on Saturday morning, planning an easy weekend, followed by a week of a little light work, getting ahead with the reading for my Private Lives, Public Issues essay.  But then I had a look through all my modules to identify what needed to be done by when.  I realised that I had a lot of homework coming up, in the next four weeks, before end of semester. 

For Visual Inquiry I need to write a 2000 word essay for the written project, by 2 weeks time.  I also need to produce a 2 page project proposal.  At present I have no idea what to write about.

For Private Lives, Public Issues, I have a 2000 word essay for 3 weeks time for which I have to set my own question.  I think I will take an art theme for this one, as suggested by the tutor.  This will be about Dontello's David and secrecy in what is represented by the artwork.

For Historical Issues in Art and Design, I have another 2000 word essay for 3 weeks time, and again I have to set my own question.  I will probably take Grayson Perry as the main theme and analyse what historical styles influence his work.
But for Pattern & Meaning I have already completed the mini-thesis of 1200 words.  Oh good! 

And I have 4 weeks of classes and background reading as well!

Today I had an easy day.  I took myself off to Kings Park.  It was a lovely day to spend in the Botanic Garden, and was packed with people for the Kings Park Festival.  There were various events for children - Adorable Florables (flower people), aboriginal bush tucker, face painting etc.  I did the wildflower tour with a volunteer guide, and had a good walk around the bush area of the park. Then I had an extortionately expensive sandwich and cup of tea ($12.90!), then spent the afternoon drawing eucalyptus macrocarpa, using charcoal.

I forget what this plant is called, but the fluff was used to stuff mattresses, like a native form of kapok.

My hero, coming to meet me from the bus stop.

So I need to spend most of tuition free week getting the research done for the 3 essays, before I go back to class.

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