Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Another set of results are online!

I had checked the Historical Issues in Art & Design page on Oasis, yesterday, and some of the results were listed.  So this morning, at 8am, I checked again just in case the last results had been entered overnight (highly unlikely I thought).  But at 9.30pm last night the final score was entered! 

Overall I achieved 89%!  Yippee!  This mark comprised several assessments. We had two short answer tests based on the lectures, both of which I scored 9/10.  The presentation (own choice - historical influences on Lucienne Day's textiles) I managed 78%.  The essay (own choice - Grayson Perry) scored 89%, with which I was absolutely delighted.  And finally there is an attendance/ contribution mark for which I scored 20/20.   This mark is easy - all you have to do is turn up and contribute.  Anyone who knows me will be aware I enjoy classes so always attend, and I'm always prepared to have my say - the only way I would drop marks is if the scoring system wanted me to be silent!

I thoroughly enjoyed this module, and have told the tutor so.  I've changed my planned module for next year, in order to do the next module in this series.  I do like to understand why artists use the subjects they do, and this is exactly what these lectures cover.  Roll on next year.

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