Thursday, 3 November 2011

We're all going in a summer campervan!

Jim has confirmed a booking for us to take a campervan from Perth to Melbourne!  We've been to the garage where we will collect it on Tuesday and confirmed all the detail.  We have 7 days to deliver it to Melbourne.  Jim is now looking online to see whether there could be another vehicle requiring delivery from Melbourne to Brisbane, in about two week's time. 

We decided to leave on Wednesday, as we are dog-sitting for a day or two first.  Jim's sorting out the route, and I'm sorting out easily transportable food - which includes making fruitcake. 

I'm really looking forward to this as it seems ages since we had a holiday together.  Jim counts both his crossing of the USA and his tour of SW Australia as holidays, but we have not been away together since we went to Glasgow and York before and after Christmas 2010.  I feel I have worked constantly - from Jan-April I was still working 2 days a week as well my part-time studies, then from May-June I finished the UK university year, had a week off to prepare for travel, and then straight out here into a full time course from 26 June.  It's a hard life!

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