Monday, 7 November 2011

End of semester marks are starting to come in

I've just been on Oasis, the university computer system, just in case end of semester marks had been updated - they are due by 27 November.  And to my surprise, Private Lives, Public Issues, had been entered early.  To my delight I got 70.6%!  As I have not previously studied sociology, I had to work hard to keep up with the class, and it massively changed my thinking and writing style.  I am much more selective about the words I choose, and what I say, to back up my conclusions now. 

My breakdown was 18/30 for the article analysis (which I found incredibly difficult), and 24.6/30 for critical summaries (where each lecture, we had to identify key learning points, for you as an individual, state why they were important, and how we were going to apply them).  I was delighted to score 28/40 for my essay.  I chose to write about an art subject - Donatello's David - the paradox of secrecy.  This was all about how the homosexual meanings in this artwork have been concealed in many art history books because of the comparatively recent legalisation of homosexuality (in the UK) and the family values of Christian culture (in the US) controlling the anticipated sales of major art textbooks.  And I rushed this homework too.   I had started it really early, during tuition free week, and decided to hand it in early rather than extensive mulling and editing.This was because I had a severe tooth infection, and can react really badly to antibiotics, so decided to close off some work so I had less to fret about. 

And talking about dentistry, I have had extensive work on my tooth, 4 visits so far to prepare for a crown, and, much to my surprise, the University of Herts travel insurance covers the costs of dentistry!  This has cost approximately $2,000 (so far - one visit left!).  So UH insurance is excellent, and so is Dr Darabi at  Lifecare Dental, Perth.

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