Saturday, 17 March 2012

A diligent student

I have made good progress over the last few days.  I've worked hard on the Cloth & Habitable Space module.  I've written my presentation for my Project Proposal. I've decided to work on a theme of Baxter's Banksia leaves, which are an interesting zigzag shape.  I only need to speak for 5 minutes, but already I can show a fair amount of development of the theme.  Banksia leaves were about half of my holiday sketchbook theme, and when I show it during my presentation, I will be making the point that, although there is considerable development of the idea, all my exploration is very busy.  This Banksia project will develop my pattern making by using the banksia leaves in a simple way. 

Today, while Jim went shopping and on a couple of bike rides, I've been working up simple pattern repeats for irregular scatter repeats.  I have explored scatter patterns on 3x3, 5x5 and 7x7 grids.  The banksia leaves are sketched in pairs, crossing towards the bottom of the stems.

During the process, I found an A3 page of banksia development that I completed about a month ago, that I had totally forgotton.  It does not fit in the A5 sketchbook, and is not within the simple theme of this term's work.   So I decided to cut it up irregularly, and send it to Lisa as part of the postcard project.  Provided all the pieces get there, Lisa can put the whole pattern together, like a jjgsaw. 

Looks better in reality than in the photo.  The shaft of sunlight does not help either.

Yesterday Jim and I went to Perth and bought a Macbook Air.  He had researched it over the last week, and spent a lot of time in the Apple shop, asking questions. He has discovered that the Macbook Air is a little larger than the Ipad, only a little heavier, but significantly, he can upload photos to it easily.  He identified that, as a student, I was entitled to a $50 discount, so I was required to be present when we purchased it.  Also, the receipt is in his name, so he can claim the tax back in Perth when he returns to the UK.  I think that the fact that the Macbook is so light and uploads photos, clearly indicate he has another extended cycle tour in mind.  The destination has not yet been announced!   Jim is now sitting in bed, studying the latest Macworld magazine intently.  Not my sort of thing, so I'll let him get on with it!  I'll read my History of Art homework instead.

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