Sunday, 4 March 2012

Review of Week One for new Semester

As Jim so sagely observed, this week I have oscillated between being enthusiastic and relieved to be back at Uni, and worried and angst ridden about workload and ability to keep up. 

I was worried about the History of Art tutorial, because the tutorial seemed overloaded with people and the tutor seemed disorganised.  When I attended the History of Art lecture (brilliant as usual with Simon Blond as the lecturer), I worked out why the tutorial seemed overpopulated.  There had been an 0800 tutorial advertised, but it had been cancelled without notice.  So all the people for the earlier tutorial, waited for the 0930 tutorial, and joined that.  Therefore there were at least 25 people in the tute.  I made a few enquiries and discovered that there were other tutes on Fridays that had places available, so I moved to a tutorial on Friday at 1.30-3pm.  This tutor is Elizabeth Hammond, who studied at University of Falmouth, UK and is now working in Perth.  She seems just my type of person.  Very crisp and business-like.  Fully in command of what she wanted to convey in the tutorial, and directed the tute clearly and concisely.   Now I am clear about the expectations, and what we were meant to gain from the video in the tutorial (in the first tute we did not even get to see the whole video, let alone discuss it).  And it makes much more sense to have the lecture, then the tutorial.  I have an idea on what I want to cover in my presentation - about how women have been represented in art, historically, and the things I want to focus on in how women are portrayed now - looking at the sculpture, Alison Lapper Pregnant, the Dove advertisements, and evolution of women portraits in the National Portrait Gallery annual competition, as led by strategy in GLA policy. 

So to sum up, I'm quite happy with Indigeneous Studies; I'm happy with the group that I am working with for Cloth and Habitable Space; and interested in the subjects to be covered in History of Art.  And I'm very, very glad that I'm only studing 3 modules, having done the Drawing module during summer school. 

And I'm very content now that Jim has returned from his month in the UK.  My cup runneth over.

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