Sunday, 11 March 2012

A profitable day on homework

Today, the temperature reached 43C.  I was out early, rode to the pool, swam 1000m and was back at the flat by 9.30.  It was quite hot enough by then.  Jim went for an early morning run with the Running Club then pottered about until late afternoon when he went for a bike ride and found some Sunday afternoon footballers to watch (in 43C - lunacy!)

I spent the rest of the day, working on my History of Art homework, in our coolest room - the bedroom.  I will be the first to carry out my presentation to our tutor group.  I will be reviewing Representation in Art, considering how our culture unconsciously identifies with particular representations in our culture, and how this identification can change according to how art portrays specific groups.  I am analysing Marc Quinn's statue "Alison Lapper Pregnant", the Dove advertisements and the National Portrait Gallery annual portrait awards.  I have thought about it for about a week, and know what I want to say. 

I spent all day writing the presentation.  The presentation needs to be 20 minutes long - which is the longest I have done for many years.  However, I have struggled with internet access today, so although I have the script complete, I don't have any of the images yet.  Internet access was very, very slow and I am not sure whether this is because extreme temperatures affect connectivity, or whether everyone was indoors because of the heat, and subsequently entertaining themselves online, which was overloading the internet.  Whatever the reason, I gave up trying to find images and upload them.  I need to be ready by Friday 23 March, so at present I am ahead of schedule, but I think I have one more day's work to complete it.  Finding and uploading images could take half a day, and getting the detail right in the bibliography could taken another half day.  I find these details really tedious and irksome, but don't want to drop marks due to sloppy practice.  Still, I've broken the back of the work.

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