Tuesday, 28 June 2011

And a very successful evening as well!

Cali and I had decided to eat together tonight.  Cali asked to me to accompany her to her final viewing for the day and we went to a house on the north east side of the university.  Pauline picked us up from my hotel, and drove us to her home.  It was perfect accommodation for Cali.  Two good sized bedroom and upstairs lounge and bathroom for two students with shared facilities downstairs.  By far the cleanest, and friendliest that Cali had viewed today.  It was immediately taken by Cali and we comemnced a long chat with Pauline, who migrated from Ireland about 25 years ago,when we decided we would all eat out together. 

Around this time, Pauline mentioned that she had a niece coming over from London to study at Curtin.  I asked who, and it turns out it is a student from my university, Herts.  During the international briefing I had sat in front of Jodie and her father.  Strangely, a couple of minutes later, who should ring Pauline but Jodie's Dad!  Small world!  He remembered me, the redhead who sat in front of them.

Cali, Pauline and I went out together and had a lovely chinese meal, and then we were taken back to our hotel.  Everything is well with my world.

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