Monday, 27 June 2011

I've arrived in Aus!

Feeling slightly apprehensive at the moment.  I have arrived in Perth, all in one piece. 

My brother David, took me to Heathrow airport yesterday morning.  We had a good clear run round the M25 and arrived in good time for my flight.  (My hushand Jim has trained me well - I was 4 hours early, which is a bit slack by his standards - he would have been 6 hours early!)

Flight to Singapore was good - it was 95% full, but I have one of the few spare seats next to me, so was able to lie sideways to sleep.  This meant I could lie down, but not tuck my feet up, so I woke every half hour with pins and needles and had to change position but I did get about 8 hour sleep on a 13 hour flight.  It was a fantastic interchange at Singapore Changi airport.  I went from gate C20 to C23 in about 5 minutes and the luggage was transferred direct.  So for anyone else wondering if 55 minutes is enough time to change flights there, it is plenty of time.  The Perth flight was only half full, so I lay down and slept most of the way. 

The airport reception service was fine, and I was met, put in a taxi and taken to my hotel which is where I am now. 

Now, off to find something to eat, and then try to contact my uncle's cousin for my first Australian contact.

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