Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Jetstar cancel flight due to storms in Perth

We are sitting in bed writing this. 

We arrived very early as usual at the airport for our 1810 flight.  Having booked in, and queuing at the departure gate, we were informed our departure was cancelled because the incoming flight was stuck at Perth, unable to take off due to huge storms.  Within 15 minutes of this, we were told we would be accommodated in a hotel overnight, with meals supplied, and given a letter confirming this, and also the entitlement to $100 each off our next Jetstar flight. It also confirmed we would depart at the same time tomorrow, once the flight had arrived from Perth. A coach was supplied within 45 minutes and we were taken to the Novotel Hotel in Cairns. 

For Jim and me, this was wonderful.  Another day or two in Cairns is no problem to us. We've spent the last month in campervans, trains and backpackers hostels, and to be given a free night in 4 star luxury was lovely.  We had a lovely meal, then returned to our room (two double beds!) and had the luxury of a bath!!  I've not had a bath since I've been in Australia!  Maybe I'm old fashioned but I prefer a bath to a shower.  A shower is refreshing and a  bath is relaxing.  There is one final luxury - egyptian cotton sheets - I love high quality cotton bedding and this is only the second time we've experienced it in Aus.  This is when you know you have really have it all!  It was wonderful. 

I have to say, I have been really impressed with how Jetstar have treated us.  It is a budget airline, and you don't usually get this sort of treatment with low cost companies.  Jim thinks it is because Jetstar is a subsidiary of Qantas, and with all the negative publicity about Qantas industrial disputes, management have deemed it appropriate to look after Jetstar customers as highly as Qantas.  But whatever the reason, I have found their customer service to us to be truly excellent. 

Our joy knows no bounds.  I wonder whether the storms will have cleared up by tomorrow?

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