Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Jim has a good day shopping

The plan was to go to Perth to buy a vacuum flask so I could save money this semester by taking my own tea, rather than paying the inflated prices on campus. 

While we were in the outdoor shop, Jim found a new cycle top, a flynet for his hat and a new solar panel.  The new solar panel is meant to need less sunlight for it to be able to charge his various devices, and takes a variety of connections from mobile phones, camera, and Ipad.  It is also more compact than his last solar panel, and will fit on top of the bar bag so he can use it to charge things while cycling.
My hero in new bike top, about to go shopping in 40 degree heat

Then we had a 1km walk to a specialist running shop where Jim was able to try on a new type of running shoe with separate fingers for each toe - Vivram.  He has been reading up on these for at least 6 weeks.  They look very lightweight, but he's hopeful that they will sort out his sore calves, by running more on his toes and increase the cadence.  All very technical.  While he was at it, he also found matching socks that also have fingers for his toes, that fit the shoes.  While debating sore calves, he found a massage stick that is designed to roll up and down your legs (which we tried - and it certainly identifies all the knotty bits) and decided to have one of those as well.
Shoes and socks

So all in all, today Jim found lots of new toys for his running and cycling.  Most of which were in the sale, which pleased his Scottish thrift.  And then we walked back to Perth.  In the heat.  It reached 39.9degrees today.  Once we had taken the bus home, I stayed inside playing with my artwork, while Jim went out on his bike, in his new bike shirt, to get the shopping and enjoy the sun!

Pomegranate blossom and embryo fruits

Pages of wash, created by washing into intense pencil shavings. 

These pencils are so wonderful I'm not wasting any of them.
More exploration of the Baxter's Banksia leaf

This is how the leaves surround the flowerhead.
 This format might be useful once I get to the print stage.
What do I know about Banksia Baxterii?

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