Friday, 23 December 2011

Jim's conversation at Running Club

Jim went out for a pre-Christmas run with the Running Club this morning at 7am.  He was having a chat with some of the faster runners after the run, and discovered one of the girls is a triathlete.  Jim happened to say that in the UK, we lived quite close to London, and that if they knew anyone who was going to the Olympics and who needed accommodation, we might be able to assist.  We live on the end of a branch line that runs directly into London, and specifically to Stratford where the Olympic village, Aquatic centre and other key sports facilities are located.  The triathlete looked straight at him, and said "actually, I might know someone who needs accommodation".  She knew, presumably through her triathlon activities, a female australian swimmer who has qualified for the Olympics.  The swimmer's parents would be going to support their daughter, and might need accommodation. 

I am delighted with the potential prospect of having a competitor's parents to stay with us.  Particularly as the sport is swimming - one in which both Jim and I participate.  Jim and I have travelled extensively with his triathlon activities - and I have to say - this can only be done if you have considerable funds available.  Most athletes who represent their country are not sponsored, and have to pay their own travel and accommodation costs, until they reach Olympic level.  So if these parents have a daughter who is in the Olympic team, they will have had to shell out considerable funds over the years, if they have wanted to travel with her to be the support team. (I know, I've done it).  So if we are able to provide accommodation to support the family supporters, I'd be really pleased.

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