Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Problems with Telstra

We have our wifi access with Telstra.  Telstra closed down their network on Saturday morning, apparently because there was a  major problem with computer hacking, which was publicised on the news. Jim and I missed this, but friends told us.  There has been no further publicity that we have seen.  I could accept no service for one day, but we are now on day 4 and Jim and I still can't get back on-line on our own access.  I've had to come into Curtin to access the library service.  I'm off to the Telstra shop next to see how it can be resolved.

However I'm determined not to be a sad person who can't cope without daily IT access.  So we have occupied ourselves by finding the local swimming pool and commencing a get-fit campaign.  It takes half a hour to cycle to the south side of Canning River to the Riverton pool.  Yesterday we swam for half an hour - 800m for me, 1100 for Jim, and then cycled home.  So we did a total of 10 miles cycling (one hour) and 30 minutes swimming.  I'm planning to do this 3 times a week until the end of Feb, when I start full time uni again.  Jim has also started running again, after 4 weeks of non-exercise on the roadtrip.  He has been reading a book about Chi Running which is meant to make you run in tune with your body.  For Jim, he has applied to principle by leaning slightly more forward into his stride.  He returned from his run, stating he had run 10k, which is further than he has done for 6 months, and attained a better time than he expected. 

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