Thursday, 17 May 2012

Everything I touch falls apart!

Not a good day. Yesterday I did a devore sample using the silk batiste.  It was not a success.  When I used the devore paste, the fabric fell apart.  This means the warp thread is pure cotton, and the weft is silk cotton.  As the devore paste burns away cotton, all the warp thread is destroyed, leaving the fabric in shreds.  I needed fabric with a warp and weft that is spun with a combination of silk and cotton. 

This morning, I planned to spend the day working on my two essays.   I spent a couple of hours fiddling about with final details on my art essay.  I now have a thumping headache and pain in my left arm, which means I am starting to trap a nerve in my neck from too much sitting at the computer.  The time has come to stop academic work and stand on my hind legs to change the pressures on my spine.  I will go to university instead so the pain goes away.  I will take a roll of fabric to the workshop, and expose a screen, prior to my lecture at 3pm.   I still have a lot to do on the other essay, but at least the art essay will have been submitted and maybe my arm will stop aching.

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