Saturday, 19 May 2012

Things continue not to go my way!

It's been a tough couple of days. 

Having had the silk batiste fall apart, I decided to work on linen instead. I had done some lovely samples using discharge paste (bleach) on linen, which removed the colour from the linen beautifully.  So on Friday morning, I took myself on the bus and train to Potters to get 4m of linen for a long sample to hang at review.  I could not get the beige linen again, but bought a taupe version.

Then I went to class, to try a half meter sample to see what colour it became when discharged.  The first problem was that there was virtually no discharge paste left.  I used what was there, left it to dry and went to investigate reordering.  Discharge paste is a specialist product.  We order it from Kraftkolour - in Victoria.  It comes by road (4 day journey).  The shop is closed on Fridays.  So it can't be ordered until Monday, at the earliest.  I have my final feedback on Wednesday, and final assessment the Wednesday after.  The paste would not arrive until the Monday before assessment.  And I want to stitch into the work after printing.  There just is not enough time to do this.

I went to my History of Art tutorial.  I returned to the textile workshop, and heat pressed the discharge linen, and no reaction took place.  It must be dyed with different chemicals that do not discharge.  So I felt as if I had bought an expensive piece of fabric, that does not do what I want.  This is why discharge paste needs to be tested on every piece of fabric - not all dyes will discharge.  I could have sat and wept. 

But this morning, I reviewed the position.  If there is no discharge paste, I can't use it.  Therefore the fact that the linen does not discharge is irrelevant.  I can still print on the fabric.  I can still use the same print screen. I can print using dark binder, and stitch into the voided areas, using similar thread.  I can do the Indigenous Studies essay this weekend, final Indigenous studies class on Monday, print my 4m linen piece Tuesday, textile workshop Wednesday, History of Art final test Thursday and stitch into textile print Friday.  This gives me 4 days prior to final assessment to ensure all the textile requirements are complete and make up my portfolio of samples. 

This is no time to get my knickers in a twist.  I am too old and too long in the tooth for that!

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