Friday, 4 May 2012

Ups and Downs of being a Student

My day was full of ups and downs. 

Yesterday, I had done a lot of preparation for my presentation for Indigenous Studies, and had saved it at uni, but could not access it from home.  I got quite frustrated about this, as I had wanted to get the presentation written this morning, at home here in the dry, rather than getting wet on the way to class.  Fortunately the rain stopped so I went to class, and discovered the i-drive at uni can only be accessed at uni.  I found the document, saved it to memory stick and then went to the textile studio. 

Random dyed caramel fabric from yesterday's work looked good, so I printed onto it with discharge paste (bleach).  This was ok, but I discovered the commercial discharge paste tends to pick up the emulsion from the screen, and starts to dye the fabric blue!  Not what I want when discharging!  Then I random dyed a large piece of fabric in 3 colours - aubergine, caramel and burnt orange - colours of landscape.  This looked very bold when pegged out to dry.  I was not sure about the success of this one. But I reserved judgement - random dyed fabrics look very different when wet, dry and subsequently printed.  Then I heat pressed the caramel piece, and discovered the deeper colours worked best with the discharge paste, rather than the lighter areas.  So maybe the dark areas of the multi-colour piece will work well.

Dischage paste applied, waiting for it to dry before heat pressing to activate

3 colour random dyeing in process

Then went to History of Art tutorial and discovered I have got the referencing wrong on my essay.  I get so sick of this.  Different universities, and different disciplines (art -v- science) require different referencing styles, and it keeps changing.  I really cannot see that it makes any difference to what the essay is about.  It is just pointless mindless detail.  But I need to get on with it.  At least I have the opportunity to improve it before it gets marked.

I was lucky with the rain.  It rained a bit while I was waiting at the bus stop, but I only became mildly damp.  It rained on and off all day, but I never was caught between classes (it's about a mile from the textile studio to History of Art tutorial), and it was very grey on the way back to the flat, but did not rain. 

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