Thursday, 10 May 2012

Today I was bad tempered in class

I went to college earlier today.  The History of Art lecture started and two students kept chatting in the back of the class.  I could not hear properly.  So I waited for a pause by the tutor, apologised to him, turned round and ticked them off.  I said I could not hear against a background of low level sound because of a hearing problem, and if they wanted to chat they could leave, and if not be quiet and pay attention.  I then apologised to the lecturer again and the lecture continued ... in silence from the class.  After the lecture he was quite ok with it, and I said sometimes if a mature student ticked them off vigorously, it was more effective than the tutor commenting. 

I also spent time in the textile workshop, gathering offcuts from my prints, for my sample file.  The Surface Design class were working there, on the table I spent 2 hours cleaning, and they were making a dreadful mess.  There was no technician present (long term sickness affecting staffing levels).  I'm going to check the tables tomorrow and if they have not been cleaned, I think I'm going to use the formal complaints procedure.  I have tried speaking to the class tutor, with no effect, and I'm going to take advice from the technician who works on Friday. I am absolutely sick of sloppy way this class works.  I may ask if I can speak to the class myself at the beginning of their next session, and explain the impact of their slovenliness and state that if they don't improve their standards, I will be making a formal complaint.  I don't mind them producing poor quality work of their own, but they are not wrecking my work.

Then Joanna, one of the students, offered to take me to Spotlight to get some threads after the lecture, as it was on her way home.  So I got the threads I'd been hankering after.  It was a bit more difficult to get home, but I got a bus into Perth by which time it was dark, and then the 31 bus home.  It took about an hour and a half to get home, but at least I have got my threads.   I had managed to go one way by car, so it was less time than it would otherwise have been.  Home at 7pm and pasta and mushrooms for tea.  Thank goodness for Joanna - a good end to an otherwise frustrating day.

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