Saturday, 13 August 2011

Drawing in Kings Park

Yesterday was an easy day at college with just one tutorial, where the tutor was encouraging students to get to grips with their presentations.  My presentation is just about ready and I have brought forward my delivery date to next week. 

In the evening I got to grips with the last part of my Private Lives Public Issues article analysis.  I referred to the advice the tutor gave, wrote myself subheadings for what I was looking to comment on, and re-read the article, pulling quotes that fitted with the headings.  By the time I had pulled it all together with correct grammar, I had the required wordcount and had summarised and commented on the article as required.  I had been getting all anxious about being able to comment on the article, but once I listened, took notes, and applied what I had been told, it was quite easy.  It does make you wonder whether I listened at all at school!

This morning, Saturday, was glorious, bright, sunny weather with a nice breeze.  Just the sort of day that makes you glad to be alive.  I took myself off on the bus to Kings Park.  Perfect weather for drawing al fresco (unlike last week).  I spent a happy couple of hours, drawing kangaroo paws, sandpaper wattle, malee, grevillea, and eucalyptus.  I was watching a couple of thrush-like birds.  The native plants were in bloom and several were covered in bees.  One particular plant, pouched grevillea, attracted the birds and they were obviously drinking the nectar from the blossoms.  I sat quietly and the birds hopped about in the low growing shrub for about 15 minutes, only 4 feet away from me.  I was surprised that birds with a thrush type beak were able to take nectar as I had expected them to have a longer, finer beak, but they were obviously doing quite well, whatever shape beak they had. 
Not sure what tree has these blossoms but they are beautiful.

Sandpaper Wattle - acacia denticulosa

Eucalyptus macrocarpa with spent blooms - after rain

Buds don't always open by splitting horizontally - this one was damaged in recent storms.

Kings Park is on high ground, looking out over the Swan River to Perth City Centre.  The light is bright and clear, and the air is clean.  It is such an idyllic location, and I'm going to be here for a year, coming to draw the rare plants in the botanical collection, whenever I want.  I feel so blessed.

Windows in Perth Central Business District

More windows

While I was out, Jim took himself on a bike ride.  He went across from SalterPoint across the bridge to the east of us, to the south side of Canning River, and back across another bridge to the west of us and back to Salter Point.  He is now sitting patiently, playing on the computer, but has that hungry sort of look.  I shall get up and make dinner, and make him a happy husband!

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