Tuesday, 9 August 2011

There is a lot of homework

I seem to have returned to the days of school!  I have a homework diary!  If I don't keep on top of hte work as it comes in every week, I'm going to be snowed under.  This weekend I wrote most of my Historical Issues presentation and did lots of research on my Visual Inquiry homework.  Yesterday I printed information on Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel, went to Visual Inquiry, then drew some colour patterns for homework.  Today I spent the morning drawing a black and white tessellated pattern of eucalyptus for Pattern and Meaning class.  In the process I managed to empty a black printer cartridge, as I copied several sheets which had large black areas. 

As I have spent so much time concentrating, Jim decided to go out on his bike.  He has given up trying to have a conversation with me when I am working, because I always end up growling at him!  So Jim went out to find a bike shop, Garlands, which had been recommended to him. He looked up the address on the map, rode there on his bike ... only to find it was a vacant lot with a hole in the ground.  He came back along the cycle path along the river.  After lunch he went out on his bike to find a cafe where a group of runners go running every Saturday morning.  He was told of this by a local runner.  Jim's navigation leaves a bit to be desired.  He found the cafe after about 9 miles of cycling, and discovered the direct route home is 3.5 miles.  This runners group meet at about 7am, and in a week or so, it will be light enough for Jim to cycle out to meet them, to restart his running.  It is about 10 months since he last ran - we came home from Budapest after a disastrous international  triathlon,when he had flu and did not compete, and he has not run since.

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