Friday, 19 August 2011

Presentation assessment complete

Well, it was good in parts.  At least my presentation on Lucienne Day is over and done with.  I had positive feedback on clarity, structure, passion(!) and breadth of knowledge of the subject.  But I was legitimately criticised for not giving enough quotes from accredited sources, not actually backing up my opinion with sourced reasoning and being a bit weak on defining my terms of postmodernism and modernism.  Which was all quite true - this is because I'm not that strong on the breadth of what modernism could be.  I know the overview, but did not choose to spend my time available on researching the breadth of the subject, but chose to spend it on the identification of other artistic periods apparent in Lucienne Day's work.  Unfortunately people thought I was saying she was not a modernist, when my thesis was actually saying her work was not SOLELY influenced by modernist theories. 

It is not the first time I have concluded I need to be much more careful about exactly what I say and pick my words more carefully.  Rather than letting my tongue run away with itself and talk myself into a deep hole.  But would that mean people would not understand my passion for my subject?  I was certainly nervous beforehand, although most people don't realise this. 

And when the tutor was assessing the 3 of  us who presented today, he was not using the assessment sheet provided in the syllabus (to which I had pitched my presentation).  So this might indicate why my analysis was not spot on.  Hmmm - it's no good making excuses - I know full well that I find analysis difficult and skim over the surface and hope to get away with high  level overview, rather than detailed, backed up, accredited detail.  Let's see what mark I get. 

So having done this presentation this morning, I came home and got stuck into catching up on Visual Inquiry work.  I redid the homework for the first week's class - drawing observational drawings of knots.  I got very upset when I did it first time round, because the tutor did not give clear instuctions what she expected, and I spent many hours creating 3 A1 drawings, and was absolutely slated in class, on the first occasion when I had met other class members.  So I have carefully drawn the knotted handle of my Goodliff's bag, photocopied it and created some varied pattern repeats.  I am a bit wary about what the tutor will make of it at mid-semester assessment.  I'm using my own printer as a copier and it is not exactly a high tech machine.  I'm half expecting another slating come feedback time. 

And now it's evening, and I'm too tired to continue with creative work. 

Mind you, Jim has just come out of the bedroom, asking whether I still need the printer to be switched on.  I scowled as I got up to switch it off as it is obvious I don't need it on, and he could easily have switched it off himself.   I refrained from telling him not to ask foolish questions.  I jabbed the printer button, and it fizzed and whirred as it did the internal checks prior to switching itself off.  The printer sounded as if it was growling.  So instead of me growling at Jim, the printer did instead!

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