Thursday, 9 February 2012

Angst over my homework

I have really struggled with this homework.  The first image of my hands around a mug of milk went well, but after that I found it difficult.  This is probably because I was comfortable with the drawing style of the first image (charcoal), but the purpose of the homework was to challenge us to develop different drawing styles, that are not the techniques that we use repeatedly. 

I find I am inhibited by working in the flat.  At class, we stand at an easel, can make mess with charcoal and ink, and can step back regularly to see how our work views from a distance and get a feel for the perspective.  In the flat, I am inhibited because of the need not to make a mess, I'm working on a horizontal surface and don't have the space to step back easily to review.  I'm sitting against a wall and to view from a distance need to turn everything round to face the other way and stand on the other side of the table

The homework was certainly a challenge.  The second image was a mug holding iced water.  I was trying to draw in a simple style with a variable (and inconsistent) line using black oil pastel.  This was the most difficult drawing and I had to restrain myself from continually working back into what I had drawn.  This was meant to look cool, iced and simple.

The next image was comparatively easy, but not the most successful.  This time I thought about the phenomonological effects of tea.  This is a stimulant, so I drew the mug quite quickly, layering several times with different techniques (indian ink, quink ink, charcoal, white oil pastel, water soluble pencil).  It certainly looks as if it was drawn when hyper from strong tea!

And the last one I've tried to get the feeling of movement.  The only other thing I put in a mug is an egg when I am cake making.  So this one has a beaten egg in a mug, drawn with oil pastel for the hands and pencil/water soluble pencil for the mug and egg.  I even managed to get an egg shape, where my hand grips the cup. 

Pity the hands are different sizes!
I worked myself into paralysis before this drawing.  I was trying too hard - attempting to create a different effect from all the others.  But I think I have achieved the 4 different phenomonological effects - sleepy darkness; icy coldness; stimulation; and movement, when portraying one item.

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