Sunday, 5 February 2012

Labouring over my homework

As usual I'm having to work extremely hard to grasp the requirements of our homework. "In response to your home environment, repeat the class objectives of creating new compelling spacial dynamics in four A2 drawings."

Class objectives were to: focus on the differences specific visual language can make to the phenomological interpretations available to the viewer.  Main concerns are the dynamics between artistic licence, imagination, inventiveness, differentiated visual language and staying in the flow of the present moment while responding.   What do you sense, feel and what else are you experiencing? What could be your responses?  How can you present yourself with new possibilities? What habits/patterns are limiting you? Try to use the model and the relationship to the environment to create new compelling possibilities for your drawings.

Nothing difficult required then!

Ok, so if I think about different phenomenological interpretations available to the viewer, and I'm going to be drawing a domestic still life, how would I vary the way I draw my mug, if it contained warm milk, cold water, hot tea or beaten egg?

Warm milk before bed would make me feel warm, sleepy, heavy, still, fuzzy focus, dark environment, lit from one side
Cold water would be sharp, clean, fluid, hydrated, like a waterfall, refreshing, cool, condensation on outside.
Hot tea would be alert, active, stimulated, hot, cutting, burning
Beaten egg would be part of a cake mix - part of a series, sugar, fat, egg, flour, cake tin, smell of cake cooking, egg shaped mug, maybe scratched to show how egg has been beaten in it.  Hungry, interested, focussed and keen!

I now have so many ideas, it's making me feel overwhelmed before I start!  Time to focus on just one and forget the rest.

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