Monday, 27 February 2012

Indigeneous Studies - first class of new semester

This is a much smaller class than I expected.  There are about 17 of us for the main lecture, and two tutorial groups that fit with different people's timetables.  Our tutor, Ken Hayward, is from the Noongar aboriginal group, and played the didgeridoo for us as part of his Welcome to Country.  He looks like he will be a wonderful lecturer - very articulate and with a broad ranging knowledge of his subject.  I'm looking forward to it.

There are 7 in my tutorial group.  There are a group of 4 students from the USA - all from the same university in Texas; all studying business.  There are also 2 other mature students: one is an archaelogist studying for her masters, who has worked extensively with indigeneous people in the Broome/Darwin areas; the other is a business student. 

As Jim commented on email, I'm having my usual wobble of confidence before the semester gets going.  There seems so much to cover and knowledge to gain.  I wonder whether I will keep up.  I've been reading the course specifications for my 3 modules and am feeling slightly overwhelmed.  But at least I have only 3 modules.  I can give myself credit for getting one module done during summer school so I will be less pressured. 

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