Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Scotsman's phone

I was fed up in the heat and humidity of Perth today.  But an email conversation with Jim cheered me up no end.  Jim said he's had problems with the landline telephone at home.  He says it will not work for outgoing calls, but will accept incoming calls.  He calls it the Scotsman's Phone.  Reluctantly he's reported it as a fault.  He's also bought us a new car, ready for when we return from our study abroad year.

I've been struggling with my drawing homework - I think I'm trying too hard, which is stunting my creativity.  We had to do 4 drawings of the same still life composition, but each drawing was to be as different as possible from each other.  I've done one really dark; one light toned, torn and reassembled; one where I have changed the respective sizes of the objects; and one drawn with a credit card using bleach on ink.  But none of them have fluency.

I've spent time at the library, looking at how different artists over the years have done their drawings.  They all have a fluency to how they use their media.  I feel as if I am using lots of different media but I'm not yet getting them to relate to each other particularly well.  But no good getting fraught over it.  I need to lighten up a bit.  Maybe tomorrow I'll just focus on having fun.

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