Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thoughts before going to Drawing class

Today I'm going to go to class and spend time looking at how other people use varied visual language and how the styles they use relate to the work they produce.  I'm struggling with my own work, but have looked at my homework and realised that some of the marks I've made, might work well if used in another way for a screenprint.  So, although the finished drawings are not masterpieces, I'm developing a wider range of marks - which was one of my objectives from this class.

Michael was talking about using visual languages to contrast with each other.  His analogy was to imagine a tiny, white baby (babies are part of his life, as his wife is a midwife) and in order to accentuate the smallness, fragility, and vulnerability, imagine it cradled by a big, black, african man.  I can easily imagine this, and understand the contrast accentuates the differences.  So at least I understand the concept.  I'm just not able to apply it to my own work successfully so far.

So maybe I need to work on identifying pairs of marks that work well together because of their contrast, and then do something with them.  Once I can get pairs of marks working, maybe I can progress to more combinations.

If I work up some textile designs in the next month or so, I think I will be able to apply the marks that I've learned, and might make some more diverse designs than previously.  And by practising combining contrasting marks, I might create some distinctive designs.

I've just got to stick with it.  The angst in learning is part of the process!

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