Thursday, 16 February 2012

My identity - Artist (Applied)

I've been thinking about the importance of art in what I make.  During Drawing class, I've drawn all sorts of things - still life and life class nudes.  As I work, ideas and concepts come to me and inform how I draw. After this process, or sometimes during it, I am struck with an idea of how to apply the art that I have made to an object.  This appeals to me because I want the art to be critical to the things that I make.  My subject happens to be textiles, so I practice art in order to inform the textile design process.  What I am not, is a manufacturer or maker, who looks for things to decorate the objects that I have made.    I am an artist, not a manufacturer. 

Today, I have been making up handmade sketchbooks.  During Drawing class, I had created at least 60 A1 drawings, plus A2 pieces for homework.  This is just too much to take home to the UK.  I have photographed them, and put a lot of them on this blog, but was resigned to just throwing them away.  Then my friend Lisa was talking about looking at the whole, and the detail, and reviewing my work.  So instead, I have selected about half the drawings, and cropped them to A2 size, and made them into a concertina sketchbook.  Or rather two concertina sketchbooks.  One on life drawings, the other on still life drawings.  They now only weigh about a quarter of the original weight, and each sketchbook has about 18 pages.  I am pleased to be able to take them home.

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