Thursday, 19 April 2012

Feeling better and back on track

I have had a think about my mid-semester review yesterday and have got my thoughts in order.  Unfortunately I don't think quickly and can't provide the snappy answers and clarity of thinking when under pressure.  I wish I could manage this at the review!

I'm going to carry on with my simpler prints of an Australian Banksia leaf.  I am going to print what I want, not what other people prefer.  This is because I want to broaden my printed body of work.  In the UK, my work was busy and colourful, in non-repeating pattern.  Last semester my work was busy, multi-layered and more muted in colour, and I mastered one basic pattern repeat.  This semester I am going to work on simplifying my pattern making and understanding more diverse pattern repeats. This semester I have clarified my rationale for working with natural fabrics.  I already know I can work with complex multi-layered patterns.  If I do more of this, my body of work will have a very clear "MacTaggart" hand.  I want to develop the ability to create a diversity of styles.  At present I'm not sure whether I can manage successful simple work, but I need to give it my best effort (rather than running away, which is how I felt yesterday).  If the tutor does not like my work and I end up with a low mark, then so be it.  I do not want my work to be predictable, and trying different styles, whether successful or not, is part of the learning environment.

I'm still going to take a week off printing, and write my History of Art essay on "How effective is the BBC's intention, to reflect its diverse audiences' reality and experience, in portraying women as positively as men, when using competition as a key factor in a programme?"  I'm going to use the BBC Mastercrafts programme as a case study.  This should give me plenty to get my teeth into!

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