Monday, 23 April 2012

On target with the workload and then a good result

I've spent Saturday and Sunday indoors, all day.  I worked diligently on my essay for History of Art and on Monday got the initial draft complete. Now it is just down to polishing and finessing - making sure every paragraph makes a salient point in relation to the thesis statement; getting the referencing correct (oh dear!) and making it all look good.  The work is not due for another 4 weeks but getting it completed this week staggers my workload nicely (presentation due in 3 weeks and another essay in 5 weeks time) and makes me feel calm. 

Then today I went to Indigenous Studies and received my Aboriginal Art essay mark.  32/35 so I was very pleased.  I still think the marking here is somewhat overstated - my essay was good, but I'm not sure it was that good.  But I had done a lot of research (and got the referencing right!).  So all in all, I'm a happy bunny!

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