Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Happy Anzac Day

Today has been a very productive day.  In Australia, this is a bank holiday to commemorate the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps sacrifices, although it now represents all the services.  I spent nearly all day finessing my essay, and it is now finished, ready to hand in on 17 May (or earlier if I have my way). 

I made a cake, and while it cooled Jim and I went for a short walk along the river.

Jim on the drive from our flat. 
Note the tide marks on the thighs from his cycleshorts,
 and the sweatshirt worn as a concession to the cooling temperatures of autumn!

Me enjoying the afternoon sun on the Canning River
(Where I used to work, there was a place called Canning Town,
on the River Thames, in the east end of London. 
The Perth Canning River is as different as can be from that.)

When we got back, there was a fruit pavlova left on the doorstep by our landlords Tangea and Richard.  Yumm!  Then, when I said we had to eat our salad dinner before the pavlova and Victoria Sandwich cake, someone pouted like a child!  Someone wanted a piece of cake while I prepared the salad.  Someone got his way!  And then ate his salad, followed by double pavlova and another piece of cake!  And when he gets home to the UK, will complain that he's putting on weight, and has no idea why!


Someone thinks this is a balanced diet -
Pavlova in both hands!
And he's still my superhero!

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