Friday, 13 April 2012

A worthy day of printing

Today is Friday 13th, and it has been my most productive day of the week.  Jim and I went to the pool for a swim and did 1000m, then he went for an 18 mile bike ride, while I went to uni. 

I tried out my new print screens.  The border print looked lovely on the screen, but you never know how successful the design is until you print it, then put it into repeat.  I created about single prints on 7 different fabrics - polycotton, fine and coarse linen, felt, silk velvet, silk organza and cotton.  They looked lovely, lined up in a row.  Just creating this made me feel calmer - now at least I have something to show as samples in my mid semester review next week.

Print artist hard at work
A selection of samples on different fabrics

Then I tried putting it into a repeat.  There is a fault.  Unfortunately there is a white area, where it is meant to be black.  This is because I failed to fully dovetail the pattern.  But this is why you do trial samples.  So it's back to the drawing board to draw the pattern correctly.  I still like the pattern which is why I'm prepared to prepare it manually again.

 Border with  random spot print.
And me looking in disbelief at the white area in the middle of the border.

The diligent artist washing her screen.

Jim came along to class about midday, to bring my phone, which had been left in the swimming bag.  He sagely observed that I had very few photos of me on the blog, so used my camera to get some shots of me, working like a good student!  My hero.

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