Friday, 6 April 2012

Tired students make silly mistakes

Yesterday I had a day of ups and downs.  I had a screen ready to expose, and a class to attend.  It all looked very easy.  But when I exposed the design on the screen, it was a murky exposure and when I washed the unexposed residue from the screen, I had to use high pressure water, which damaged the rest of it.  Designs need to be really black to make a good exposure, and this one was not black enough when held up to the light (it had looked ok when on the table).  So back to the drawing board - clean the screen, and leave to dry, so I can come in on Good Friday, to re-emulse the screen.  What a waste of time!.  Just shows that I need to keep practising, because otherwise I forget little bits of technique that give good results first time! 

Then I had a really interesting History of Art class about the male gaze in film making which gave me a lot to think about, that had not occurred to me before.  (I am not a film fan, so I had not seen any of the films discussed).  I rushed home from class, thinking about my History of Art essay, where I need to decide on my subject, and start the background reading.  The rushing was a mistake.  When I got home, I realised I had left my glasses behind.  At the last class before Easter break!  If I could not get them back, I could not read over Easter.  Big problem.  And if they are really lost, new glasses would cost a fortune.  And realising just how little script I can see, without my glasses, made me feel really old!  Old and grumpy. Not a good way to start Easter! 

So this morning, Good Friday, I jumped on the bike (no buses to Curtin on bank holidays), and pedalled up there, like a thing possessed.  My student card allows auto-entry to my textile block, but not to the lecture theatre.  Fortunately a very helpful man in Security came down with a key, and opened the door, and there were my glasses, waiting for me.  I was so appreciative to the Security man  for being at work on the Bank Holiday and for opening the room for me! 

While I was at class, I re-emulsed my silkscreen, very, very carefully.  I got a lovely thin, even coating, and left it in the dark room to dry.  I went home and redrew the design, this time working on a good dark photocopy, and also blacked in the design on the reverse, so that when held to a light window, it looked evenly black all over.  This time the design should expose perfectly.  Once I've exposed the screen again, I'll let you know how it went.  I always work better when I'm not in a rush.

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