Saturday, 21 April 2012

I may have had a direct influence on Curtin Parking Fee policy

Yesterday I discovered the Curtin Parking Fee Policy will change next semester.  Although car parking does not affect me, it has been a thorny issue for many students and staff.  Basically parking is totally inadequate, and from this year, Curtin decided to make the parking fee an annual flat rate, entitling staff and students to unlimited parking at Curtin. 

During summer school in February, I had a discussion with a part time tutor, who was resignedly stating that his parking at Curtin was mega expensive.  He only required parking 2 days a week, but was paying for a 5 day entitlement, as there was no part-time parking fee option.  Curtin university had stated it was "too difficult" to organise a part-time pro-rata rate.  I was appalled at this and said it was indirect sex discrimination, as more part-time students and staff were female (due to care responsibilities) and anything that treated women less favourably on the ground of gender, was illegal.  The fact that arranging pro-rata parking fees was "too difficult" would not be deemed an adequate defence in law!  He was dubious whether Curtin would take any notice, but I sent him an e-mail, giving the full legal case, which he forwarded to the Curtin authorities. 

Yesterday, I discovered that "pay as you go" parking commences next semester.  I wonder whether my e-mail had anything to do with it?

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  1. Well done Cathy! I'm sure you may have helped. We could do with your assistance at Hatfield when you return - they have made the car parks by the art departments "maximum 3 hour stay", with no option to buy more than one ticket per day. I think they wanted to introduce a short stay option, which was needed, but have done so at the expense of full day parking, which is now nigh on impossible. Result? Empty car parks and frustrated students.