Sunday, 29 April 2012

My hero goes home

Tomorrow Jim sets off home to the UK.  He is going home a few weeks before me, because he set off a few weeks before me, in order for him to cycle across the USA on his way to Australia.  This means his round the world air ticket needs to be used before it expires. Because I have a lot of gear to take home, Jim will use his full weight allowance to take home some of my art materials.  He had to buy an (expensive) airline ticket to take his oversize bike box, so to get full value for money, this box has been packed to meet the 23kg weight limit.   We had great fun weighing it on a set of bathroom scales! So tomorrow morning he gets a taxi to take him and his bike box to Perth airport. 

I will miss him a lot, but realistically I have a lot of work to get on with, so my mind will be on other, creative, things.  I have an essay and presentation for Aboriginal Studies, a test for History of Art and final assessment for my textile module.  Like I said, plenty to keep me busy.

A week or so ago, a friend sent us a photo of our front garden at home.  It might look like a fairly ordinary garden to many people, but to me it was a wonderful shot of home.  Spring in England is lovely - you can see the red of the Ribes (flowering currant), and the yellow of the forsythia.  You can also the purple of the tulips against the acid green of the euphorbia, which I planted so that we could see them from our bedroom, which looks out to the front garden.  The apple tree is just breaking into leaf.  I've not seen any of these plant in Aus, probably because the climates are totally different.  I've liked it here, but I like the English climate, the English plants and my own home.

Photo to follow.

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