Saturday, 29 October 2011

Approaching my last assessment this semester

I have spent the last few days at the print workshop, working on my 4th assessment for this semester.  I have struggled with finding the inspiration for the Visual Inquiry class, and have been working on images of Dad, created from text, which resulted from a piece of homework earlier this semester.  It does not really inspire me, and I feel I have said everything I want to say from this piece of inspiration.  I have also been using gum nuts in the design, which is potentially a problem as I have used these in another assessment and don't want to infringe the self-plagiarisation rules. 
Work in progress of Dad as he disappeared into Alzheimer's disease

Unfortunately I only thought of this once I had produced quite a body of work.  I had been thinking about printing with subtractive (discharge and devore, which bleach and eat away) and additive techniques (opaque, puff and foil, which are thick, raised or shiny).  I had started by working with discharge and devore using hand cut stencils of gum nuts. Once I realised how close this was becoming to previous work, I started layering techniques on top of each other, and kept the scale quite large, so it was nothing like the repeat print I submitted for Pattern & Meaning.  I then worked on some repeating images of Dad using text, and worked into it with puff and discharge, and spaced the images using the Fibonacci series.  I hope this makes it sufficiently original.  
A simple stencil of gum nut and leaves

6 layers of pattern

Another 6 layered pattern

Two layers of pattern - discharge and devore on polycotton.

Three layers of pattern - discharge, devore and print.

So my submitted work will be two pieces of mounted artwork, different versions of Dad fading away, and also a portfolio of samples of layered techniques.  We only need to do one final piece of work, but I had the time to experiment, so have done more than the bare minimum.  Assessment is on Monday afternoon, and I have tomorrow to spend preparing the samples as a portfolio.  This needs to have a slick finish and will probably take me all day.

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