Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Expensive dentistry

Fortunately the medical insurance from University of Hertfordshire has agreed to pay out for my dentistry here.  Last year's university insurance did  not cover dentistry, so I am very, very glad that Herts changed the insurers, and upgraded the insurance for this year's Student Exchange programme.  I have just received the treatment plan and costings. The remedial work for infection, root canal and make-good filling (4 visits) is c$2,000!  (About £1300).  If I want the crown fitted here, it's another $1400 on top, which I think I would have to pay, if I want the work completed here.

When I return to Herts, I will be publicising that anyone travelling to Perth, should make sure they have their teeth seen to before travelling, because Perth, being the 4th most expensive city in the world, is mega expensive for dentistry.  Perth is a mining town that supports mineral extraction further up the west coast, and consequently with high wages, everything is expensive.

But at least the insurance will cover the basics, and the dentist is excellent.  In case anyone wants a recommendation - Dr Darabi at Lifecare Dental, Perth.  Surgery is in Perth station complex, so easy to access.

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