Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pleased and virtuous!

Today could not have gone better.  I went to class and arrived at 8am (this is Sunday!).  Even at this time it was hot.  I was not the first at class - in the corridor, 3 students from another class were setting up their exhibition for Monday morning. 

I checked the texiflock glue, and although still a bit granular, it looked good to use.  I spread the fabric, and considered how to position the half drop repeat.  As I was not sure how far the glue would go, I did not want to do too many prints, and run out half way along.  I decided to space the prints by using a spare 12" frame as a spacer between the prints with my gum nut screen.  By 10am I had done all the printing and it was drying quickly in the hot classroom. 

At 10, Lauren arrived, a bit stressed because she has a lot of work to do before assessment on Thursday.  She was horrified when she checked the opaque and translucent binder buckets (both empty) and the yellow pigment was also spent.  We had a bit of a think about it, and checked out what containers of left-overs she could use.  There was a lot of green translucent binder, and because she wanted to use brown, we added some red pigment, and changed it to a brown.  Lauren had her own silver metallic which pearlised the binder nicely.

While Lauren got on with preparing her print, I foiled the half drop repeats with silver and glossy black foil.  The black has come out quite subtle, when printed on black linen.  I think it looks good, even though I don't like black.  I think my colour version and the monochrome will work well together.

Lauren's print went well.  She was quite surprised how well it went.  I think she just has natural talent - she had a natural touch with how to handle the mechanical printer, good steady pull, just the right pressure, even and consistent motion with no bounce or smudging.

I cycled home in 38 degree heat - fortunately it only takes 15 minutes.  Once it was about 4pm I sat outside and drew some pomegranate flowers.  Everything was well with my world. 
My new pastels

I have great plans to build a library of drawings and maybe work them up into prints.  I can see the pomegranates in a repeat design for furnishing fabric, and greatly enlarged for fabric for accessories such as cushions, so only part of the image is on each cushion, maybe stitched into.  I have great ideas.  I'm hoping to participate in the 3rd year print class, and spend time working up a portfolio of resolved samples.  (And maybe work myself some curtaining fabric in the process!).  Not that I have ideas above my ability or competence!  But if you don't dream, you don't aspire.

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