Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I have knitted an unusual cardigan!

I've been working on a turquoise summer cardigan since I came out here.  I started the last sleeve during the mid semester reviews, and today finished it. I had huffed and puffed at various stages, because the garment was using more yarn than pattern stated.  I realised I would not have enough yarn to complete the button bands, so blended some print binder to a close approximation of the colour, and coloured some white linen, to create a fabric button band.  This went surprisingly well. 

When I sat and finished the sleeve today, I took the rest of the knitted sections out of the bag, and discovered I had knitted 3 sleeves!  I thought the pattern was using a lot of yarn - and this is why!  I must have been really stressed when I started the third sleeve, and forgotton that I had already packed away one sleeve.  So I've decided to continue with the fabric button band, and have put the neck band on.   I have some neat little novelty buttons - tiny turquoise pencils, which I think will really set it off.  However, some people might think a third sleeve would set it off better! 

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