Friday, 14 October 2011

Printing on my black fabric

Yesterday I used the repeat screen and printed two layers of grey outline print on the black fabric, to give a general confused background. 

Today I worked into the fabric using the hand screen, using some dark grey binder, and quite a lot of almost white binder, to make the confused areas vary in intensity.  Tomorrow, Saturday, a few people from my class are going in, to work on our assessment pieces.  I plan to take in my small hand screen (must remember to take it!) and add a half drop repeat pattern in glue, so that I can foil over.  I'm planning to use some silver foil, but also some black glossy foil.  I've never used the black glossy foil, but I think it might look quite good on the fabric I've printed so far.
First layers of gum nut print

Clarity and confusion

Repeat print masters by Apri and Mollie

Brick design master by Tracy

Also today I handed in my Historical Issues in Art & Design essay.  I chose to write about Grayson Perry, and his challenging pottery, which I think is fantastic.  I allied his work to the Expressionists (Dix and Grotz) and Satirists (Hogarth).  I've worked hard on it, and I do hope to get a good mark.  It's worth 35%.

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