Sunday, 23 October 2011

Jim is on his way back

I've just spoken to Jim on the phone.  He's heading back home from his trip around south west Australia.  He's done c50 miles today and is camping overnight in Mandurah.  He only has 43 miles left to get home tomorrow.  I'm ready for him to be home.  I'm fine while he's away but as soon as he's nearly home, I get fed up of my own company and just want him here.

Today I spent lots of time researching textile design.  I have a good lot of research for my Visual Inquiry file - but it's a pity I did not do this a few days earlier.  My Pattern & Meaning research file was a bit light, and I could have balanced the work between the two subjects a bit better.  This weekend, I've read a book on (UK) fabric design in the 20th century, and one on Henry Moore's textile design.  I've also got a book on the Weiner Werkstatte.  I'm definitely interested in modern textile history, and wonder whether this will form the basis of my dissertation when I get back to the UK.  Given I live in Braintree, where the Warner Textile Archive is located, it seems sensible that I should use this fantastic resource for research (and save myself a lot of travelling to uni).   

The textile work I like is largely illustrative in style.  John Piper, Henry Moore, Althea McNish and Eduardo Paolozzi.  I was quite surprised to like Eduardo Paolozzi's work because I loathed his mosiac work on the Underground.  But this is probably because it was difficult to keep clean in a dirty environment.

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