Friday, 7 October 2011

A steady week

Having spent all last weekend working, I have had a steady week, without working myself into the ground. 

I've made good progress on my essay for Historical Issues in Art & Design, writing about Grayson Perry and what modern issues and historical influences are portrayed in his pots. 

I had a good time in my Pattern & Meaning class, when our project proposals were returned to us, and I scored 79%.  I think I was the first in class to finish my repeat print, and I have decided to change the hanging of the fabric.  I originally planned to hang it horizontally to represent a timeline, but I don't have the skills or facilities to create a rigid frame, so I have decided to hang it vertically.  The classroom has an apex roof and there are plenty of beams from which I can hang a dowel supported on fishing wire.  I'll add a photo when I hang it to demonstrate what I mean.

So for the last few days, I've been to class to assist other people working on their patterns.  I've assisted various people to emulse their large screens, and to set up the mechanical printer.  Like most things, it's easy when you know how, but when you don't, processes are really difficult.  Also with printing, there are a multitude of ways in which you can mess up your print, but once you know how to avoid them, it is a simple process to create something that looks quite professional.

Today I worked with Tracy to get her repeat print done.  She was printing a drystone wall brick pattern and my role was to pour the binder ready for her to print.  Her design used more ink than me, and about half way through, we were not sure whether enough binder had been mixed.  Fortunately the litre of binder mixed was just enough.  It is very difficult to mix another batch, exactly the same colour, but we were lucky, with just a couple of tablespoons to spare from the original mix.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I'm going into the workshop again, and a group of us will work to finish projects.  I will take in some drawing for the Visual Inquiry module, so I have some designs ready to expose for Monday's class.  This way I make use of the spare time when waiting for others to be ready to print and require my assistance.  

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