Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Feeling brighter today

I've felt downhearted for the last few days. I was getting myself all upset and hurt about feedback for my Visual Inquiry module. 

Last week I had feedback that my project portraying Dad's Alzheimers' was didactic.  I was working with text, and using the words to create background texture and the shading to create a Dad's face.  The backgrount text was describing all his positive attributes, and there were going to be 4 deteriorating images, indicating how when the person regresses, you also lose the ability to see the things you respected about them.  I found it really difficult to accept that what I was portraying was didactic! The tutor did not like my work because it dictated what the viewer was meant to see.  (And a couple of weeks ago, she slated another student for say that the viewer could take what they want from her artwork).  In fact, I completely fail to see how using words like "supported education" and "enjoyed music"  can be deemed didactic.  In fact, in no way did I accept it! 

But for the following week, I reworked the background, using words that described the behaviour of people with Alzheimers.  I loathed it, and it does not convey the feelings and emotions that I wanted to portray. It was pedestrian and predictable. The tutor liked the words about Alzheimers, and the words were not deemed didactic. This time the feedback was that the tutor did not like the style of the text, and that I should make the more "like a drawing".  I was asked if I understood what she meant, and whether it helped.  I said no.  So the tutor used the same words and repeated what she had said.  And asked again whether it helped.  And I said No.  Then it was suggested I make the background script smaller - but this will make it similar to the script in the main image and will lose definition.  I felt really hacked off.

Today, I've had a bit of a think about it.  I don't care if the tutor thinks my work is didactic.  I want to portray my feelings about the positive attributes of my father that I've lost, and I'm going to use the words of my choice.  It's my work, not hers.

And I'm feeling more light-hearted because we had the Historical Issues In Art & Design test tonight, (10% of marks) and it went ok.  My essay (35%) is due to be submitted on Friday and is at the final proof-reading stage.  I only have the two practical modules to finish in the next 2-3 weeks, so I can spend lots of time, messing about in the print studio.  As Jim has left for a 3 week tour around south-western Australia, I can spend as much time as I want, playing with fabric.  So all is well with my world.

I'm now starting to think about next semester.  I definitely want to do another module about history of art, a practical textile print module to create a textile portfolio, another module on printing on paper, and the 4th one I have not yet decided.  This is almost totally different to those I put on the Study Abroad form, but I'm hopeful I can change my options.

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