Sunday, 3 July 2011

And today is Sunday

This is my first Sunday in Perth.  Having done a little research before I came here, I was expecting most places to be closed on Sundays, a bit like the UK 20 years ago.  So I planned to go to Perth Museum, then come back and do some drawing and knitting. 

However, when I got the bus into Perth, everything was open.  I went to the museum, which is directly north of the station.  I did a large circle of walking before I got there, having been convinced it was directly south of the station.  I wanted to see the gallery about WA Land and People, but this was closed for refurbishment.  So instead I went around the Discovery Centre and looked at the exhibits (alive and dead) of Australian fauna and implications of their being used as tradeable items and which ones were deadly or not.  Then I went to the section that dealt with minerals and crystals, and meteorites. 

Once I was tired I went out and got some lunch.  Then as all the shops were open, I went back to Woolworths and bought a couple of food items, so that I can build my store cupboard without feeling like a donkey carrying it all.

I'm starting to get to know my way around Perth city centre now.  It seems very odd that Perth has c1.5m residents who are spread out across a vast area, whereas London has about 7m, crammed into a much smaller space.  Perth strikes me as a leafy suburb.  From the university literature, it made the east and north sides of Perth, seem old and run down.  This is not true by London standards.  And the city centre itself seems tiny, compared to the environment I have worked in.

Tomorrow I'm off to International Induction - a trip to the Feral Brewery and Chocolate Factory.  Should be fun!

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